To establish and spread our designs across the world.


To provide the best quality clothing in textile industry.

About Andesilks

We are weavers by profession and had about 40 years of vast experience in this field. It is with this knowledge; Mr. Ande Venkata Apparao founded ANDE SILKS in the year 1994. With a very small start, with all our commitment to quality and time, we soon gained people’s hearts. From the earlier days, we are famous for a wide range of wedding collections. We have our handlooms at Mangalagiri and Chirala. We have one and only branch in Guntur. We sell all types of sarees like Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Dharmavaram, Benaras, Kanchi Pattu, Mangalya Pattu, Avishakara pattu, Manasa Pattu, Rukmini Pattu, Kora Pattu, Gandharva Pattu, Uppada Pattu etc.. Besides we have other sarees like Ikkat, Kollam, work and fancy sarees. We also customize sarees according to your taste, needs and requirements.

Wedding Collection

Modern brides are loving designs with great combinations. Some like simple designs, some others like to follow their ancestor’s traditional models, while others love to dress up themselves in contemporary patterns. We have every type of designs and patterns that match up with the 21st century’s bride’s thoughts and desires. Our store is filled with a lot of ethnic, modern, traditional and contemporary patterns that you will surely love to shine on your special day. Besides our own designs, we also design them according to your needs.

Engagement Collections

Indian clothing has a great attraction everywhere in the world. Our dressing style is adapted by many western countries which shows a resemblance in respect to our culture and traditions. Engagement being half of the part of Indian wedding ceremony leaves a memorable impression for both bride and groom. Our sarees will give a splendid look for you as a bride. Your special day can be designed according to your tastes. Order today at Ande Silks for your memorable day..


  • Authenticity
    Using only authentic quality and original materials in all our sarees
  • Relevance
    Creating innovative and contemporary designs out of requirements and relevance
  • Professionalism
    Showing our professionalism in every effort we put on
  • Social
    Our prices are very social and economic
  • Effective Management
    Our work can be seen in our design output that are out for delivery


  • Fairness and integrity are the foundation of our services and to craft relationships with clients is our joy.
  • Our clients’ investments are not only safe through the exceptional quality we provide but are also channelized for the well-being of the society.
  • We believe in promoting and protecting the art of each of our artisans and craftsmen by rewarding their creativity.
  • All round growth of our employees is utmost important as our strength lies in working with one another.
  • Evolution is the only present at Ande silks.
  • Cultural surroundings and environmental protection play a major role at our establishment.
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